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Our Story

What’s Critical was founded by Matthew Boot in 2004 in response to increased demands for high quality project planning services in the property industry.

Over this period the business and it’s team have been provided with unparalleled opportunities to support leading global contractors in their construction planning and scheduling of their projects. During the last 15 years our team have been involved in projects around the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, the United States, the Middle East and across Australia. This extensive international experience provides What’s Critical with unique insights into how the planning and scheduling discipline as well as project execution is evolving globally and the issues that companies face delivering their projects.

Our experience also covers a broad cross-section of various project types and landmark construction projects – large scale urban renewal projects, commercial developments, clean manufacturing facilities, nationally significant cultural centres, residential developments, convention and entertainment venues, health care facilities and transportation hubs.

We are also uniquely positioned to help develop prefabricated modular solutions as the industry moves towards greater adoption of “modern methods of construction”. We have been actively involved in the development of prefabricated full brick panels constructed by a robot in a factory environment as well as having exposure to constructing modular concrete homes and multi-storey apartments. This experience has been extended to appreciate the nuances involved in integrating multiple modular elements, including precast concrete, façade elements, MEP components and interior pods into the construction sequence on-site.

matthew boot
Matthew Boot
Founder – What’s Critical
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Our Purpose

Globally the property industry continues to be plagued by delays and is continually frustrated in its attempt to imbed productivity improvements.

At the same time construction businesses and project teams continue to be inundated with solution providers promoting “modern methods of construction”, software applications and promises of “big data” that have yet to provide sustained impacts.

As a result, businesses and project teams continue to struggle with navigating through the complexities that their projects present them. For the people we support this results in stress, burn-out and high-turnover across the industry.

A unique strength we possess is to be able to quickly identify the critical issues on a project and communicate those in a simple yet effective manner. Our purpose is leveraged off this strength.

Given this our purpose is:

What's Critical - Global Experience - Singapore

“To empower teams to focus on what’s critical thereby helping them untangle and resolve project complexity

Our Vision

With our purpose in mind, at What’s Critical we have a vision:

“To provide solutions that respect the capabilities and capacity of project teams empowering them to act on what’s critical for achieving timely completion

We can achieve this vision through our ability to:

  • Draw upon our global experience
  • Aggregate project data
  • Make impartial observations
  • Utilise industry and academic research
  • Seek respected external advice
What's Critical - Global Experience - Australia
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Our Mission & Services

To achieve this vision our daily mission is:

“To help project teams achieve timely completion, safely and sustainably, by developing an appreciation and then executing on what’s critical within their projects”

We fulfil this mission by providing the following services:

  • Project Planning across the project lifecycle – integrating design, procurement, construction and finalisation.
  • Construction strategy development, construction planningbuildability assessments and logistics planning that is effectively communicated.
  • Provide independent assessments and peer reviews of proposed planning and programming solutions. In addition, assist in developing planning control solutions.
  • Undertake project progress reporting and programme assurance exercises as well as conduct operational assurance and project risk reviews.
  • Utilising the principles of lean construction and constraint analysis assist in the development of productivity improvement strategies.
  • Assist businesses integrate the appropriate technologybig data and AI into their project execution strategies.
  • Provide mentoringcoaching and training solutions.

Industry Associations

Our team are active members of the following associations. These memberships assist our team in their career and professional development

  • AACE – Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (Link)
  • LCI – Lean Construction Institute (Link)
  • PMI – Project Management Institute (Link)
  • PMCOS – Project Management College of Scheduling (Link)
  • RMIA – Risk Management Institute of Australia (Link)
  • RES – Risk Engineering Society (Link)
  • AAAI – Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (Link)
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