Establishment of What’s Critical

What’s Critical was established in January 2005 in response to increased demands for high quality project planning, construction scheduling and project risk management services in the construction industry.

As the company’s name suggests, What’s Critical’s primary focus when working with project teams is to identify ‘what is critical’ on a project.

What’s Critical & Construction Management

What’s Critical operates on the basis of the definition established in the late 1920s outlining the role of the Construction Manager:

“is not to erect steel, brick, or concrete, but to provide a skilful, centralized management for coordinating the various trades, timing their installations and synchronizing their work according to a predetermined plan, a highly specialized function.”

William Starrett
Construction Manager of the Empire State Building, from his book, “Skyscrapers and the Men Who Build Them”

The company’s philosophy of planning and control is based on the construction management principles promoted by one of the word’s best construction management companies, Starrett Brothers. Starrett Brothers was the construction manager for numerous successful projects including the Empire State Building in New York. Through a commitment to rigorous planning and control the Empire State Building was constructed in only thirteen months and done so more than 75 years ago without the modern technology available to the industry today.

Starrett Brothers was also an industry leader in its commitment to safety with the Empire State Building being considered one of the safest construction projects in the United States in the 1920s.

What’s Critical and Major Global Projects

What’s Critical and its founder, Matthew Boot, having been involved in the delivery of significant projects around the world:

  • Barrangaroo South, Sydney, Australia;
  • World Trade Centre Memorial, New York, USA;
  • Athletes Olympic Village, London, UK;
  • Manchester Joint Hospital, Manchester, UK;
  • Gorgon Gas Project, Barrow Island, Western Australia;
  • Australian Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia.