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Membership of the Property Council of Australia

We are pleased to announce that What’s Critical is now a member of the Property Council of Australia.
This is a demonstration of our commitment to the growth and success of the property industry.

We look forward to be able to positively contribute to the Council and assist it’s members in their endeavours.

Property Council of Australia Membership 2021
Property Council of Australia 2021 3

About the Property Council

The property industry is Australia’s biggest employer, contributing over 13 per cent of GDP. The Property Council represents more than 2400 companies across the country and provides a strong, connected network and a trusted, reliable source of information for the sector. Together, we can help shape government policy, connect and share market knowledge and strengthen Australia’s largest industry and employer.

Information on the Property Council can be found at their website.

Industry & Professional Membership

At What’s Critical we are committed to supporting and promoting the various industry and professional associations our team are members of.

We actively contribute to various association forums and our team have previously held leadership roles in a number of these organisations over the last twenty years

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